Get Your Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs Adopted by More Companies

With results-driven copy that resonates with your target market


According to a Forbes article written this year, companies that adopt a wellness program for their employees benefit from lower healthcare costs. These companies also become aware of fewer employee sick days and reduced compensation claims.

When companies search for ways to help their employees improve their well-being, they’re looking for proven programs. They want something that works and isn’t draining profits.

What are you doing to get your wellness program in front of these corporations? And how many are consulting with you to implement a wellness program?

That’s where I come in. I can help you persuade companies that your program will give them a better, thriving business because of better, thriving employees. You will make money and they will save money. It’s a win-win.

There are 5 ways to get your corporate wellness program in front of corporations.

Case Studies

Case studies present your client’s best experiences with your services in a way that reinforces your company as the expert in the business.

White Papers

Provide useful, practical, and educational content about your health and wellness program.


Leverage your website, print newsletter, social media presence, or existing marketing materials with well thought out and written e-newletters.


Keep in touch with prospective clients with well written articles that don’t come off as “salesy”.


A great way to establish your company as the “go to” company for corporate wellness programs.

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