My specialties

Below are some of the services I offer Business-to-Business companies:

Case Studies

Case studies present your client’s best experiences with your services in a way that reinforces your company as the expert in the business. They describe how your company solved a challenge and what the results of solving the challenge were. Simply put, it’s a “before and after” success story.

The process of writing a case study involves asking your client questions, during an interview, that bring out the gold nuggets about your services and writing it in a compelling and informative story.

White Papers

Gordon Graham, author of White Papers for Dummies, defines a white paper as “a persuasive essay that uses facts and logic to promote a certain product, service, or solution to a problem.” An effective white paper is not a sales pitch. It’s a piece that provides useful, practical, and educational content.

There are three basic types of white papers. Knowing who your target audience is and their desired outcome determines which type would be best suited for the situation.


Well thought-out and written e-newsletters are a great way to position your company as a thought leader and innovator. They also help leverage your website, print newsletter, social media presence, or existing marketing materials. That being said, a monthly e-newsletter is what will keep your company on the cutting edge. There are three steps to creating an e-newsletter:

  • Developing – Asking questions such as what your company’s expertise and target audience are.
  • Implementing – Using the answers to the developing questions and writing the articles that will reach the right prospective clients.
  • Publishing – Professionally designing a template with formatting and layout. This step includes adding, removing, and managing the names on your emailing list as well as sending the newsletter out.


Well written articles keep you in touch with prospective clients without being “salesy”. Search engine optimization (SEO) research is done and the content written FOR your target audience (not TO them). The SEO process will also ensure your articles are found by your target audience and are relevant to their needs.


This is a great way to establish your company as the “go to” company for wellness. Blogs can be anywhere from 400 – 800 words. They’re a way to give something of value to your target audience. And this is done by doing SEO research first so that the blogs are not just “in space” but being read.

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